Chef and owner
My memory as a kid begins in the streets, while I rant through the sellers which tried to sell their earth and sea products with a loud voice. The smell coming from the kitchen at home and Sundays with my “nonna” and mom when they prepared “ragú”, meatballs, “gnocchi”, pizza di salsicce e “friarelli”,…
Sitting down to eat has always been motive of reunion with family and friends, of happiness, and that is what I want to transmit for more than two decades now on my restaurant Bella Napoli, being faithful to the popular recipes.
When I got the chance to begin the new path to cooking I knew with certainty that I would work the hardest on it, I think that is the way to share the tradition, the respect and love that I feel towards Neapolitan cooking.

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Bella Napoli

c. Margarit 12-14, 08004 BARCELONA